Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quote, "Honesty is the best policy." It's pretty hard to dispute such a simple yet profound ethical truth. Honesty, hard work, integrity, and humility, along with other good ,old-fashioned family values, are what drive General Airs business practices.

This is the essence of who General Air is. We deliver the best products the industry has to offer; we have advanced systems and technologies that enable us to offer our customers a wide array of specialty services; and we have the experience and expertise to help your business increase its efficiencies and lower its costs. But what we TRULY bring to the table is relationship. We long to get to know our customers like family, and tailor our products and services to help them succeed in every venture. That's the point of relationship to bring out the best in one another.

To learn more about us, please read on. But to really get to know us, pick up the phone and give us a call. We'd truly like to hear from you, and would greatly value the opportunity to serve the needs of our community together.

Gary Armstrong

Company History

General Air Service is the largest independent gas and welding distributor in the state of Colorado. In the late 1960s, Gene Armstrong purchased a store from a national welding supply company. This company was restructuring and decided to devote its attention to its larger and more prominent clients. When Gene bought the shop, he also bought the small local clientele who had been loyal to it. It was then that Gene solidified his commitment to serving customers as though they were family.

In 1969, Gene incorporated a new company, General Air, with a vision to expand the scope of its services and the size of its territory. In the fall of 1970, Genes son, Gary, having just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam, joined the company. Gary had earned a business degree from Colorado State University, and had acquired essential engineering, industrial and leadership skills while serving in the military and working throughout college.


Mission & Vision


Corporate Mission:
To earn and retain regional leadership as a total quality supplier of superior products and services. Working in partnership with our customers, employees and shareholders, suppliers and communities, we pledge to conduct business by these core principles:

  1. To meet our customers needs and expectations with quality, integrity and value.
  2. To recognize and treat people as our most valuable asset.
  3. To honor God, Family, Community and Nation in all we do.
  4. To equitably share the results of our efforts according to contribution.


Corporate Vision:

To be an exceptional supplier of gas and welding products with consultative expertise and the ability to provide practical solutions that help our customers succeed.

Adapting to change with innovation, we promise never to become complacent.

Gary Armstrong

Brad Armstrong, President

Art Waskey, Senior Vice President of Sales


Mark Gregory, Vice President of Operations

Accounting & Finance Billing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Records are maintained at General Airs Denver location.
Accounting & Finance

Counter Sales In each of our retail facilities, knowledgeable and courteous product specialists are always ready to assist and advise on projects.
Counter Sales

Credit Our credit and accounting teams process new credit applications, verify credit references, and assist customers in keeping account balances accurate and current.

Cryogenic Tech Our four cryogenic equipment technicians work primarily in the field, installing, repairing and maintaining permacyl and gas delivery systems.
Cryogenic Tech

Customer Service Inquiries by phone get immediate attention and accurate information from the first person who answers. Our customers dont wait on hold or get passed around.
Customer Service

Cylinder Production and Maintenance We employ more than a dozen full time production specialists who fill, inspect, and maintain every gas cylinder in the fleet.
Cylinder Production and Maintenance

Field Sales Each of our facilities employ field representative(s) with extensive product, application, process, and system knowledge to advise and assist our customers in their specific business environments.
Field Sales

Gas Lab Utilizing the most advanced technology and years of expertise, our Gas Lab team ensures the optimal gas composition specifications for each specific application.
Gas Lab

Information Technology Hardware and software issues are maintained at every level of operation to ensure the accuracy and security of all Web-based customer applications and that the network is always running smoothly.
Information Technology

Marketing Our Marketing team informs and assures current and prospective customers of the scope and reliability of General Airs products and services.

Purchasing Our purchasing team keeps our retail store shelves stocked and assists customers with non-stock & special order items. The team invests deeply in its relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

Safety Safe product handling, equipment usage, work environment practices are the focus of our safety experts. They assist customers in ensuring employee and property safety by conducting building and equipment inspections and recommending appropriate safety processes and resources.

Transportation Each outlying facility manages the transportation/distribution of gas products and equipment. All are supported by our primary facility in Commerce City, which employs a staff of 15-20 trained technicians and consultants who provide consistent and reliable service to our customers.

Warehouse Our 8,470 square foot warehouse in Commerce City is the hub from which we receive, coordinate, and distribute the majority of our products. It houses $1 million in inventory and processes more than 2,000 cylinders daily.

Welder Repair Our welder repair operation maintains an in-house shop as well as a field service vehicle to ensure maximum responsiveness. Regardless of the size or nature of the repair need, our trained technicians keep our customers equipment in prime working order.
Welder Repair
General Air Timeline