Industrial Gases

Ever thought of gas as a tool? Well we do. From mining to oil and gas, steel making, aerospace, and construction, you’ll find industrial gases in a host of applications to support your business.

We can supply you with the highest quality CO2, argon, nitrogen, helium, propane, acetylene, or hydrogen for welding or cutting metals and alloys and beyond.

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Welding Machines

No one stocks more of the premier brands of welding equipment than us. Just visit one of our stores and you’ll find a variety of welding machines for any application. Whether you’re working on a weekend project or need a fleet of welders for your company, we’ve got the machine for you – and chances are it’s in stock. From premier brands such as Miller and Lincoln and any process from MIG and TIG to portable, we can get you the tools you need to get the job done!

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Industrial Safety

Safety is no accident, that’s why we stock every type of PPE for your industry. We’ve got the best products from vendors like Honeywell and 3M for equipment from fall protection to eyewear, gloves to respiratory, and everything in between. Check out our safety catalog for a complete listing of the products we stock locally.

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Industrial Cutting

From carbon steel to stainless to aluminum, whether you’re cutting sheet metal or a 2-inch plate, we’ve got the tools in stock to cut it like butter. We have the best products from ESAB, Victor, Hypertherm, Multicam, Arclight Dynamics, Cutting Systems Inc, Harris, and Miller whether you need handheld plasmas, oxy-fuel kits, band saws, handsaws, or cutoff wheels, come in to one of our stores and check out our selection today.


  • 3M
  • ALM
  • Anthony Welded Products
  • Arcair
  • Atlas Welding Accessories
  • Aufhauser Brothers
  • Avenger Products
  • Avesta Welding Products Inc.
  • Baileigh Industries
  • B-line Manufacturing
  • Bernard
  • Bessey Tools Inc. (James Morton)
  • Black & Decker
  • BTU Gases
  • Bug-O Welding Products
  • Burco Welding and Cutting
  • Channellock Manufacturing
  • Chart
  • CK Worldwide Inc.
  • Colorado Compressor
  • Comeaux Caps
  • Concoa Controls Corp Of America
  • Contour Sales
  • Cooper Tools
  • Corex
  • Coyne Cylinders
  • Cramer-Decker Ind. (Sherwood)
  • Cryogenic Experts Inc.
  • Deutz
  • Dewalt
  • Direct Wire and Cable Inc.
  • DualDraw
  • Dynaflux Inc.
  • Ellis Manufacturing Company Inc.
  • Empire Levels
  • Ercolina
  • ESAB All-State
  • ESAB Welding and Cutting Products
  • Fibre-metal Products
  • Flange Wizard
  • Fromelt


  • G.A.L. Gage Company
  • Golden Empire (Solar Flux)
  • Griftan Inc.
  • H & M Beveling Machine Company Inc.
  • Harper
  • Harris Calorific
  • Hobart Brothers Company
  • Honda Generators
  • Hossfeld Manufacturing Inc.
  • Hougen Manufacturing Inc.
  • Huntsman
  • Hydmech
  • Hypertherm
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Inweld Corp.
  • Irwin Manufacturing
  • J W Harris Company Inc.
  • J Walter Inc.
  • Jackson Safety Products
  • Jancy Engineering Inc.
  • Jet
  • Jetline Engineering Inc.
  • K-Fab Inc.
  • Klein Tools Inc.
  • Kobelco
  • Koike Aronson Inc.
  • Kromer Cap Company
  • Lincoln Electric
  • M K Products
  • Magnaflux
  • Makita USA
  • Manchester Cylinders
  • Markal
  • Matheson Specialty Gas Products
  • Mathey Dearman Inc.
  • McKay
  • Metabo Corporation
  • Miller Electric Manufacturing Company
  • Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
  • MK Orbital
  • Moldex Manufacturing
  • Motor Guard Filters


  • National Torch Tip
  • NLC Inc. ( Lenco Welding Access)
  • North Safety Products
  • Norton Abrasives
  • Onan
  • Oxford Alloys Inc.
  • OXO Welding Equipment Company
  • Oxylance Inc.
  • Panasonic Welding Products
  • Pandjiris
  • Peterson Flux
  • Perkins
  • Pferd Inc.
  • Phoenix Rod Ovens
  • Praxair
  • Purity Cylinder Gases Inc.
  • R E Lee Company
  • Ratermann Manufacturing Inc.
  • Reelcraft Inductries Inc.
  • Reliant Dry Ice LTD
  • Revco Industries
  • Rex-cut products Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Sawblades
  • Strong Hand
  • Rod Guard Manufacturing
  • Saf-T-Cart Inc.
  • Sait
  • Sandvik Materials Technology
  • Scotchman Industries Inc.
  • Sellstrom Manufacturing
  • Simond
  • Smith Equipment
  • Sowesco
  • Specialty Gases of America
  • Speedglas
  • Steelmax Saws and Blades LLC.
  • Stoody Welding Products
  • StrongHand Clamps
  • Sumner Manufacturing
  • Superior Products Inc.
  • Supply Cable
  • Systematics Inc


  • Taylor-Wharton Company
  • Tec Torch Company Inc.
  • Techalloy Maryland Inc.
  • Techsouth Inc.
  • Teeco Products Inc.
  • Tempil
  • Thermacut
  • Tig Depot
  • Tregaskiss LTD
  • Trimark
  • TRW Stud Welders
  • Tuffaloy Products Inc.
  • Turbo Torch
  • Tweco Products
  • Twin City Hose Inc.
  • UE Compressor
  • Unibraze J B Alloy
  • United Abrasives
  • United American Sales
  • Uvex
  • Victor Equipment
  • Vise Grip
  • Wachs Inc.
  • Weldcraft
  • Weiler
  • Welco
  • Weld Mold Company
  • Weld-Aid
  • Weld-Tec
  • Western Arctronics
  • Western Enterprises
  • Wilson
  • WMH Tool Group
  • WNI Welding Nozzle

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Power Tools

From grinders and drill presses to chop saws and benders, we’ve got power tools from manufacturers like Metabo, DeWalt, Fein, Mikita and Milwaukee in stock, ready to take home today.


We promise our staff won’t be abrasive while selling you the best in abrasives from 3M, Norton, Sait, and Weiler to name a few.


We stock Honda generators from 2000 to 10000 watts. For your worksite or to power your RV, we’ve got the right size for you.