General Air Terms & Conditions



TERMS: Net balance due on receipt of invoice, 1.5% monthly service charge after 30 days, 18% per annum.


CONDITIONS: This is to certify that the purchased materials listed on your invoice are properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labels, and are in proper condition for transportation, according to the applicable regulations of the Department of Transportation.

Your invoice contains a Hazardous Materials charge.

This is not mandated by any federal, state, or local government entity and is in fact retained by the seller.

Although the seller has made no attempt to quantify the actual cost of compliance with government regulations or cost of transportation and fuel, the seller intends that this charge is an effort to recoup those estimated additional costs.

Due to the nature of cryogenic liquids, filling losses are incurred during the filling process. These losses are incorporated in the quantity shipped and charged for on our invoices.

WARNING: There are cetain hazards associated with the transportation of compressed gas cylinders, particularly those containing flammable or intert gases, when transported in a passenger vehicle or van.

This applis to cylinders transported in the trunk or a car or in the passenger compartment.

A cylinder leak can result in fire, explosion, or asphyxiation.


For more information on the proper handeling of compressed gas cylinders, please go here.

Questions? Please contact Dave Thunselle.


Acceptance of delivery of the products covered by this invoice shall constitute Buyer's agreement to Seller's terms and conditions of this sale, not withstanding any contrary terms or conditions on the Buyer's form or purchase order, acknowledgment, confirmation or otherwise.