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Let us be your one stop shop for anything from beverage gas to PPE and everything in between.

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Whether you’re canning, brewing, or running beverages on tap – we have the right size solution for your business.



Rent individual 20lb or 50lb cylinders from General Air. Perfect for applications with low gas usage or a need for portability.


Carbo-Mizer 450

The Carbo-Mizer 450 from General Air is our most popular model — and for good reason. At 20″ in diameter, 71.8″ in height, and 750lb full weight, the Carbo-Mizer is perfect for low-mild use operations allowing for longer usage between fills.

Carbo-Max 750

The Carbo-Max 750 from General Air is great for medium size operations with a greater gas consumption. At 1201 lb full weight, the Carbo-Max will get the job done..


Carbo-Max 1000

For larger operations with high demand for CO2 Tank Storage, the Carbo-Max 1000 will supply what’s needed. At 1788 lbs full weight, this tank will supply greater amounts of gas while extending the time between fills leaving your business running at full capacity.


Bulk Receivers

For high use customers (such as brewers) a receiver will pack the biggest punch. With a variety of large storage systems and setups and a range from 4,000 lbs to 60,000 lbs General Air has the right bulk receiver for your company’s needs.


Nitrogen Generators

Our Nitrogen Generators with a built in blender box create 99.8% pure nitrogen from the air.


As CO2 monitoring requirements are becoming more prominent, General Air is proud to offer products that get the job done. Gas monitoring isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law!

Dry Ice

General Air provides food-grade dry ice in multiple forms for any application. You can order for delivery or pick up at any of our 8 front range locations

Gas Blenders

In addition to nitrogen generators, we also supply gas blenders that will provide up to 3 blends tailored to your needs.

...More Gases

Beverage gas is more than just CO2, let General Air be your one stop for Nitrogen and Argon, too!