Let General Air help you determine the right product, right process, and right solution for your food and beverage gas needs so you can focus on refreshments, not runouts. Contact us now to hear more about how we’re working for you.



CO2 runouts and venting loss means less money in your pocket. With usage monitoring, 24-hour delivery, and free product training for your whole organization, your beverage gas is one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Peace of Mind

Our right-size guarantee means we’ll minimize product loss, runouts, and delivery frequency by setting you up with the tank that is right for you.

Save Time

Don’t waste your day sitting on hold to place a gas order, the General Air SmartCyl CO2 allows us to remotely monitor usage and schedule deliveries when necessary.

Stay Up & Running

Failure to comply with monitoring and permitting requirements can shut your business down, let us guide you through the steps to become compliant.

Right Product

General Air offers the right size guarantee, that means you can leverage our experience to get you the right size tank for your operation, minimizing product loss, runouts, and delivery frequency.

Right Process

International Fire Code and OSHA regulations around the use of CO2 are changing, let us help you get compliant with gas monitoring and permitting assistance.

Right Solution

In addition to the right size guarantee, General Air is looking out for your bottom line with SmartCyl, the usage monitor that remotely alerts us when you need a delivery. Fewer deliveries means more money in your pocket.

1. Contact

(303) 892-7003
Call or email today. Tell us a little about your needs and we’ll get you connected with the right team member.

2. Consult

To understand your specific requirements, we really want to get to know your business. We may ask to take a tour of your facility, speak to various employees that engage with our products, and observe daily operations to make sure we are completely clear on your exact needs.

3. Propose

Once we fully understand your operation, we will suggest the products and services that we believe are best suited to your business. We offer no-pressure consultative selling that allows you to choose how much you engage with our services.

You Have Options When It Comes To Packaged Gas.

​Why Choose General Air? We all know the frustration of vendors that are unresponsive, inconsistent, and uninformed. What’s worse is when they miss deadlines, have excessive backorders, and are disengaged from your business priorities. At General Air, we aim to meet these issues head on by being completely transparent during the sales process.

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Due to the far-reaching and highly specialized nature of our products and services, we want you to feel completely confident in our abilities before we propose a solution. Our goal with any new partnership is to build trust, understand your needs, identify and offer solutions, then reach a mutual understanding. We’re not just trying to make a sale, at General Air, we believe that long-term relationships are mutually beneficial and it is critical to lay the groundwork for an open and honest partnership.