Who We Are

All gas is created equal.
Distributors aren’t.



In 1969 my Grandfather (Gene Armstrong) was presented with an opportunity to start a small gas and welding supply distributorship in Denver.  Our first storefront was in a retro-fitted gas station on Federal Blvd in Denver. From 3 employees to now the largest independently owned welding supply company in Colorado, my Dad and Grandfather built a business on lasting principals and business philosophies that we carry forward today.

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Gene, the owner of Wazee Electric, leveraged his business relationship with National Cylinder Gas, a large national distributor who was interested in selling some small customer routes in Denver. In the fall of 1970 my Father (Gary Armstrong), having just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam, joined the company as its General Manager. My Dad earned a business degree from Colorado State University and had acquired essential engineering, industrial and leadership skills while serving in the military and working throughout college.

Today General Air is still owned and managed by the Armstrong Family (3rd Generation), but more recently, our family grew to include our employees. In 2007, we became a partial ESOP which is part of our secret sauce for recruiting and retaining the best in our industry.


While we are known for being a gas and welding supply distributor, we are so much more. We love a challenge and would love the opportunity to show you how we can serve. Please give us a call or stop by one of our branches so that you can experience the General Air difference.

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As you can see from our timeline, we are a company on the move, but our quest isn’t just to multiply in size. We believe growth is a by-product of providing quality products, with value, and honoring our employee, customer and vendor relationships.

Mission Statement

To earn and retain regional leadership as a top tier supplier of products and services. Working in partnership with our customers, employees and shareholders, suppliers and communities, we pledge to conduct business by these core principles:

  • To meet our customers needs and expectations with quality, integrity and value.
  • To recognize and treat people as our most valuable asset.
  • To honor God, Family, Community and Nation in all we do.
  • To equitably share the results of our efforts according to contribution.

Vision Statement

To serve and improve the livelihoods of our customers, employees, and communities.


To provide people with the opportunity to thrive.

Putting the Moose on the Table

Honest communication is key for any successful relationship. Positive conversations are desirable, yet unpleasant topics can become as distracting as a life-sized moose standing in the middle of the room.

Rather than ignoring these issues, we at General Air choose to “put the moose on the table” to discuss and resolve any issues that might hinder progress.

In this Company

  • Everyone’s #1 goal is customer retention.
  • Professional growth is a personal responsibility.
  • We attack problems, not people.
  • We do not gossip.
  • We think first about individually resolving a situation before bringing it to the attention of others.
  • We do not use email as a means to communicate time urgent or emotionally sensitive topics.
  • We believe in total accountability.
  • We find a way to say “yes.”
  • We speak as though children are present.
  • We believe in and practice the golden rule.


Denver Store Opens


Boulder Store Opens


Fort Collins Store Opens


BevCO Acquisition


Greeley Store Opens


Commerce City Fill Plant Opens


Littleton Store Opens


Colorado Springs Store Opens


Pueblo Store Opens


Silverthorne Store Opens


Aurora Store Opens


New Welder Repair Facility Opens

Community Outreach

While General Air is known as a distributor of packaged gases and welding supplies, at our core, we are really in the business of helping people. Helping our employees and customers find success is only one piece of the equation. Giving back to the communities in which we operate is an essential component of who we are.


Our list of community partners is always growing, but here are just some of the organizations that we support.

Improving the lives of young adults by offering a bridge to a career in the skilled trades, while fulfilling the huge demand for skilled workers in the construction industry.

CrossPurpose is a non-profit organization abolishing relational, economic, and spiritual poverty through career and community development.

Transforming lives through free legal aid, advocacy, and education; seeking justice for the most vulnerable in our community

Bringing positive change through meaningful connections. We thrive on uniting diverse people and faith communities for positive impact.

Transformational housing for families rebuilding from homelessness. Joshua Station is a two-year residential program for families with children.

A non-profit organization transforming communities in Uganda through a locally-led model.

Providing all-day rifle protection for first responders who serve our communities.