A business is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it, and at General Air, investing in technology is critical to our success. From our automated fill island, to our ultrasonic testing bay, our robust production facility has the people and equipment to serve even the largest customers.

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All Gas is Created Equal. Distributors Aren’t.

Within our 7 acre production facility, 100 employees work to fill 1,500 cylinders every day, 30 trucks deliver to customers all along the Front Range, and our warehouse receives and fulfills over 8,000 SKUs.

Fill Island

Our state-of-the-art fill island allows for automated, palletized filling for packaged gas product with grades ranging from Industrial, to Medical, to UHP (99.999%).

Gas Lab

General Air’s gas lab allows us to produce 90% of all specialty gases and mixtures in house. This means we can do everything from USP Helium production to parts per million mixes in record time.

Smart Fill

Our proprietary software captures orders in real time and updates production screens. This not only gives us a clear picture of current demand, but ensures we are fulfilling every single order.


General Air operates a large fleet of delivery and service vehicles to ensure our customers get their orders complete and as scheduled. Our full-time staff of diesel mechanics work tirelessly to keep everything from our transfer trailers carrying liquid product to our semi-trailer route trucks safely on the road.

Ultrasonic Testing

General Air was the first distributor in Colorado to install this device to facilitate DOT required testing. Once a cylinder has passed the test, we stamp the new test date on the shoulder and put it back into circulation.

Welder Repair

We can service any machine we sell, and oftentimes, even those we don’t. We recently upgraded our welder repair facility with 3 new work booths and a mobile unit for machine repairs. General Air boasts the largest welder repair facility in the state and a full team of specialists that are certified to work on any machine.


Why Choose General Air? We all know the frustration of vendors that are unresponsive, inconsistent, and uninformed. What’s worse is when they miss deadlines, have excessive backorders, and are disengaged from your business priorities. At General Air, we aim to meet these issues head on by being completely transparent during the sales process.

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Due to the far-reaching and highly specialized nature of our products and services, we want you to feel completely confident in our abilities before we propose a solution. Our goal with any new partnership is to build trust, understand your needs, identify and offer solutions, then reach a mutual understanding. We’re not just trying to make a sale, at General Air, we believe that long-term relationships are mutually beneficial and it is critical to lay the groundwork for an open and honest partnership.