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Gas Management Solutions

We know you need more than a supplier; you need a partner that can help you effectively manage your resources. Our gas management experts can save you money by evaluating processes such as safety procedures, regulator analysis and standardization, purchase, storage, and distribution.

Backup Reserve Trailer

Whether you have an emergent situation or need a backup for scheduled maintenance, our mobile bulk receiver is capable of supplying 1500 gallons of liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Argon to any location where the trailer fits!

Installation and Maintenance

Whether you’re in need of manifolds, switchovers, or bulk gas receivers, we have the expertise to manage installation, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


General Air products and processes are continually audited to ensure we meet or exceed standards for production and purity levels. We undergo a number of third party certification processes to verify our quality standards.

Cylinder Audits

With hundreds of assets at your site at any given moment, keeping up with rentals can be a challenge. General Air performs yearly cylinder audits at your location to ensure invoice accuracy and to remove lost or damaged cylinders from your account.

Safety Audits

An unsafe work environment is not only a danger to your employees, but failure to maintain OSHA guidelines can land you with a hefty fee. The General Air safety team can perform an audit at your facility free of charge to identify and help correct potential hazards and OSHA violations.

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Plus, our safety truck is fully stocked and we’re ready to bring you the newest products and provide trainings, demonstrations, and fit tests. The truck even has a working hoist and anchor system so you can demo our top of the line fall protection!  Whatever your safety needs, General Air is equipped to help you get the job done.

Quality Control

Your cylinder is only is good as the gas that’s in it, and you need to know with 100% certainty what that is. At General Air, we test all of the gas we receive for impurities before it ever gets to you.

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We perform typical certification and batch certification for all gases. Individual analyses are done by request.

  • Typical Certification: states the typical content of a gas.
  • Batch Certification: one cylinder from a batch is tested, all cylinders are held in quarantine and only released once the results of the test cylinder have been confirmed.
  • Individual Analysis: tests every cylinder for specific impurities as requested. Often we are testing for moisture and oxygen content.

Asset Tracking

Searching for lost cylinders and receiving incorrect rental invoices are some of the biggest complaints we hear about doing business with our competitors. At General Air, every rental asset is barcoded and tracked.

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This means that we can:

  • Guarantee accurate rental statements
  • Easily remove lost or stolen assets from the account
  • Quickly recall the product if an issue arises


We wouldn’t be the largest independent distributor in Colorado without our home base. Our fill plant and distribution hub are home to industry leading technology that allows us to serve our customers with excellence.

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The automated fill island, specialty gas lab, and ultrasonic testing machine are just some of the reasons our facility is best-in-class. At General Air, we seek to continually improve by investing in our infrastructure. Click to learn more!


With 8 front range locations and hundreds of gases in stock, we likely have the product you need and the means to get it to you.