Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

    • Life Sciences
    • Surgery Centers
    • Dentists
    • Doctors
    • Hospitals
    • Hospice
    • Emergency Medical Centers
    • Paramedics
    • Care Clinics
    • Laboratories
    • Imaging Centers
    • Veterinary Centers
    • Bio-Science
    • Research
    • Higher Learning
    • Pathology

Products We Sell

Gas Products

      • Pure Gases
        • NF Nitrogen
        • USP CO2
        • USP Helium
        • USP Oxygen
        • USP Nitrous Oxide
        • USP Air
      • Mixes
        • Heliox
        • Aerobic
        • Anaerobic
        • Lung Diffusion
        • Blood Gas
        • Medical Device
      • UHP
      • Zero Span Calibration Gases
      • NIST Traceable
      • Cryogenics
      • Medical Laser Blends
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Gas Delivery

      • Manifolds
        • Semi Automatic
        • Automatic
        • Manual
      • Regulators
      • Flowmeters
      • Protocol Stations
      • Safety Systems
      • Gas Panels
      • Gas Cabinets


      • Cryo Preservation
      • Lab Containers
      • Freezers
      • Dewars
      • Gas Purifiers
      • Gas Filters
      • Traps


      • Dry Ice (pellets and blocks)
      • Environmental Monitoring
      • Bulk Gas (50 to 15,000 gallons)

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Our Services

My Account

Running a business is hard, ordering product shouldn’t be. Let us set up a custom order interface for your company. Need an invoice, want to check your cylinder count, or look up a price? No problem, we put it all at your fingertips with a customized account portal.


From a small simple cylinder manifold, to a large centralized gas supply system for a hospital, our HCI certified technicians do it all.

Safety Audits

Take advantage of the many years of experience our safety specialists have in helping customers identify risks in their business. We’ll come to your site and identify potential problems before they become a real issue – all free of charge!

Automated Cylinder Audits

Finding thousands of cylinders in a large facility like a hospital can be tedious and mind-numbing to say the least. That’s why we have created technology to take some of the human error out of the process. Our system includes cylinder scanners to identify inventory issues, such as discrepancies with counting and shipping. With just the click of a button, we can save you headaches and time with our rapid fire scanning technology.


One of the greatest frustrations for customers of compressed gas companies is inaccurate or irreconcilable cylinder delivery and rental invoices. We addressed this issue in 1981 by applying barcodes to every single cylinder in our fleet. Not only were we among the first in the nation to do this, we are still the only distributor in Colorado that uses bar coding on 100% of our inventory. You’ll never have to worry about missing cylinders, mistakes with exchanges, or incorrect invoices – if you got it from us, we can track it for you.

Gas Management Solutions

We know you need more than a supplier, you need a partner that can help you effectively manage your resources. Our gas management experts can save you money by evaluating processes such as safety procedures, regulator analysis and standardization, purchase, storage, and distribution.

HCI Compliant Bulk Oxygen Trailer

Taking a medical facility offline for maintenance or upgrades is no simple task. That’s why we’ve invested in a fully compliant bulk delivery trailer equipped with secondary backup tanks, allowing us to provide our customers with an uninterrupted supply while the required work is being performed.

Our  Facility

UE Testing

Automated Fill Plant

Sequel Fill CO2

Automated Dewar Filling