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Productivity Enhancement

Cutting cost by cutting material is one way to save money, but leaves you with limited options. Our Productivity Enhancement program saves you more by optimizing the manufacturing process. With General Air you can make your labor hours more profitable by spending less time on re-work, cleanup, and grinding.

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Customers see an upwards of four times the cost-savings by switching to more efficient welding processes and technologies than they do when cutting material costs alone. Call today to hear how our welding, gas, and fabrication experts partner with customers to deliver customized solutions that save you money.

Machine Repair

We understand that time is money and if your welding machine is broken it’s costing you both – not to mention creating a lot of stress. That’s why we’ve invested in the largest welding machine repair facility in the state.

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General Air employs a full-time welder repair staff in our newly renovated facility. We are an authorized warranty repair shop for Kohler, Robbin, Onan, Kubota, Honda, and Perkins engines as well as Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, Thermal Arc, and ESAB welders. Machines in need of repair can be dropped off at any store location, picked up by a General Air driver, or repaired onsite. Beyond repair, services include: preventative maintenance, calibration, and machine upgrades.

Online Ordering

Running a business is hard, ordering product shouldn’t be. Let us set up a custom order interface for your company. Need an invoice, want to check your cylinder count, or look up a price? No problem, we put it all at your fingertips with a customized account portal.

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  • Custom order pad
  • Set up scheduled reminders for order placement
  • Quickly find contact information for your sales rep and customer service agents


  • Manage multiple locations
  • Relocate cylinders in the job site
  • Track cylinder activity at your facility


  • View order history
  • View current order status
  • Access old invoices
  • Sort, filter, and export data to Excel


  • Multiple users
  • Password protected
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet
  • Automatically populates SDS sheets for your gases

Safety Audits

An unsafe work environment is not only a danger to your employees, but failure to maintain OSHA guidelines can land you with a hefty fee. The General Air safety team can perform an audit at your facility free of charge to identify and help correct potential hazards and OSHA violations.

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Plus, our safety truck is fully stocked and we’re ready to bring you the newest products and provide trainings, demonstrations, and fit tests. The truck even has a working hoist and anchor system so you can demo our top of the line fall protection!  Whatever your safety needs, General Air is equipped to help you get the job done.

24/7 PickUp

No time to stop by during business hours? Pick up the products you need from our convenient lockers.

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Stuck on the highway and can’t get to our store before we close? No problem, give us a call and we’ll put your product in a secure locker giving you the unique code to get your items at your convenience.

Weld Training

Professional weld training in 3 days or less – fast, practical, technical training at a fraction of the price of traditional trade schools.

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Skilled welders are retiring at a rate faster than new ones are entering the industry. General Air is facing this challenge head-on by training the next generation of welders. Whether you need an extra set of hands to assist with employee on-boarding or you have a few employees that need to brush up their skills, we have a training program that will meet your needs.

Students will learn:

  • Basic principles of electricity
  • How to read and weld symbols and code
  • How to identify and prevent weld defects
  • How to perform proper machine setup and troubleshooting
  • How to weld in 1F, 2F, 3F, and 4F positions


Not having the product you need in the middle of a job is a huge hit to your bottom line. General Air vending machines manage and control your inventory so you don’t have to worry about runouts.

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Common Complaints: inventory gets lost/stolen, replaced prematurely, becomes obsolete, difficult to keep organized.

GA Vending: keeps inventory locked, provide usage reports by employee, organizes material, notifies us when you’re running low.

Commonly vended items: Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, Security Items, Fasteners, Welding Supplies, Calibrated Instruments and Tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Maintenance Supplies (MRO), Safety Equipment

Quality Control

Your cylinder is only is good as the gas that’s in it, and you need to know with 100% certainty what that is. At General Air, we test all of the gas we receive for impurities before it ever gets to you.

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We perform typical certification and batch certification for all gases. Individual analyses are done by request.

  • Typical Certification: states the typical content of a gas.
  • Batch Certification: one cylinder from a batch is tested, all cylinders are held in quarantine and only released once the results of the test cylinder have been confirmed.
  • Individual Analysis: tests every cylinder for specific impurities as requested. Often we are testing for moisture and oxygen content.

Asset Tracking

Searching for lost cylinders and receiving incorrect rental invoices are some of the biggest complaints we hear about doing business with our competitors. At General Air, every rental asset is barcoded and tracked.

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This means that we can:

  • Guarantee accurate rental statements
  • Easily remove lost or stolen assets from the account
  • Quickly recall the product if an issue arises


We wouldn’t be the largest independent distributor in Colorado without our home base. Our fill plant and distribution hub are home to industry leading technology that allows us to serve our customers with excellence.

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The automated fill island, specialty gas lab, and ultrasonic testing machine are just some of the reasons our facility is best-in-class. At General Air, we seek to continually improve by investing in our infrastructure. Click to learn more!


With 8 front range locations and hundreds of gases in stock, we likely have the product you need and the means to get it to you.


We’ve got a lot more to offer than just packaged gas. Check out our range of tools and safety products.

Productivity Enhancement

Cutting costs by optimizing manufacturing processes

Industrial Vending

Total inventory control


Customized weld training, delivered.