Prior Situation

A national integrator of pipe networks, located in Denver, was confronted with a sudden, significant problem: its outsourced supplier of (electrical) isolation pipe assemblies was shutting their doors. In response, they searched the world over for another quality supplier, deciding to produce the vital assemblies in house. Additionally, our solution is to introduce pulsed metal-cored wire.

The subject end user contacted General Air to discuss the application and many challenges. Could automation provide a reasonable return on investment? What would it look like? Its footprint? What pipe machining equipment would provide the tight tolerances and repeatability required? What welding technologies could address both open root and high deposition hot/cap passes? Could you control heat input on an adjacent V groove flange weld so as not to degrade the insulating O rings beneath it? Could you configure a system to address everything from 4-24” diameter? And finally, could the dual welding/machining solution be simple enough for any savvy shop employee to operate?

pulsed metal-cored wire
Miller PipeWorx 400 pendant with programmable memories and Panjiris interface for complete parameter control

PE Solution

An E.H. Wachs EP series beveling machine was the answer because it is portable, precise, and reliable. The welding solution consisted of a Panjiris variable speed headstock as well as a customized side beam with dual torches, both rail mounted in parallel, for easy weld joint alignment.

The Miller PipeWorx 400 provided both Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) technology for perfect open root welds and advanced, lower heat input metal-cored pulse technology for all other high deposition welds. In conclusion, one week of General Air procedure development support after delivery confirms that the recommendation of automation with pulsed metal-cored wire was the right solution.

Pulsed Metal-Cored Wire
Panjiris headstock and side beam with carriage integrated with Miller Pipework 400

Success Highlights: Over $58,747 in Annual Savings

  • Doubled arc on time through automation
  • Cutting edge pipe technology produces fast, x-ray quality welds
  • Reduced heat input on insulated flange as required
  • ROI < 24 months